About Destination Massage

Rosemarie Van Akin has been practicing therapeutic massage since 2003 and is a California State Certified Massage Therapist.

Therapist Information

Rosemarie’s knowledge & massage technique has been heavily influenced by her athletic background. She has had 18 years of combined experience as a competitive level gymnast, instructor and coach. She has trained and conditioned at high levels to which movement, strength building, flexibility, self-maintenance and skill development was the focus. Her love of gymnastics carried over from a competitive gymnast to coaching, teaching a wide range of age groups from toddlers through adults, and eventually leading to owning and running her own recreational gymnastics program.

As an athlete, she also had loved to run/ swim/bike & indoor rock climb and for years this was all part of her daily lifestyle! As with any athlete she was exposed to injuries; scoping from minor muscle injuries to full-on surgery, some requiring intensive physical therapy. Back then she had been frustrated about these injuries and would often question why she had more than her fair share of them. However, she now knows that, with the combination of her athletic background and experience with these injuries, she has been blessed with innate knowledge & experiences in order to help her clients at a level that cannot be attained by education alone!